Thursday, 30 April 2015

Statement on the need to pause the privatisation agenda in Cornwall

We the undersigned recognise that:
The privatisation of public services is not working in Cornwall.
There is little mandate from the people for outsourcing
Public services must be about effective delivery not profit
Therefore we the undersigned call upon the authorities in Cornwall and the next government to pause the privatisation process in Cornwall. To have a wide ranging debate with the public about the shape and future of public services and to scrutinise the practices of privatisation. To work towards public services that deliver as they are supposed to and that the public have confidence in. We all believe in efficient good quality public services and wish to see a system in place in Cornwall that delivers that.
Will you sign this statement? Share it online, tell your friends and push for better public services at this general election?
It's not often politicians listen to the people, but they are now, at this election, let's make our voice heard to end this privatisation scandal.

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