Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pasty tax revisited

Further to my blog last night on the dreaded pasty tax (VAT will now be applied to takeaway goods sold above ambient temperature). The man in charge of consultation (the poor bugger) is below and details of how to contact him, why not send him an email or write and explain how this will effect the Cornish pasty and take more taxes from Cornwall.

How to respond:
Postal address and email address to which written responses can be submitted.
David Roberts
VAT Projects Team
3C/10, 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ
Additional ways to be involved:
HMRC is also happy to meet with and speak to other interested parties. Contact details are as above.
After the consultation:
A summary of responses will be published and the responses considered before a final version of the legislation is laid before Parliament in the summer.


  1. Disgrace, hands off our Pasties, it's an essential item so should be zero rated, not a luxury!!!!!

  2. Just awful :( finally, a product make in the UK, with local ingrediants sourced from the UK thats going to be Taxed to reduce consumption.... and this is meant to help the economy?

  3. All I can say to both of you is that I agree this is a disgraceful tax at the same time as the uber rich and corporations are enjoying tax breaks the Cornish will be hit by this raise to pay for the rich.