Saturday, 4 April 2015

Although welcome, the council's case for Cornwall is not enough, vote MK to stand up for a strong Cornwall

Cornwall Council have released their ideas for devolution and they are asking people to 'Stand up for Cornwall'. Starting an online campaign to get more powers for the council. This was recently taken to the full council, the Mebyon Kernow group proposed an amendment that the case be widened to include a Cornish assembly. Unfortunately these was not enough ambition among the Cornwall Councillors (including the Lib Dems who tell us they are in favour of a Cornish assembly). The document we are left with is to ask government to give more powers and responsibilities to Cornwall Council.

Despite this lack of ambition and leaving most of the powers under the control of the dead hand of Westminster, it is tagged stand up for Cornwall!

I spoke to Radio Cornwall about this last week. I spoke about John Pollard and Cornwall Council being on the right track and identifying the right problems but not the right solutions. I don't think Cornwall Council is well placed to take on more powers. What we need is proper devolution to a new body not one that runs nearly everything in Cornwall. I believe the unitary authority is already overly centralised and giving the more powers would only make this worse, I don't think anybody wants an omnipotent Cornwall Council! You can listen to the interview here (skip to 26:50).

There is an election coming up, people that want Cornwall to have more of a say over decisions in Cornwall. Those with vision  and courage that want a new way of doing things, the powers to unleash our potential and deal with our own problems, need to vote Mebyon Kernow. The other parties will all wax lyrical about the powers they will devolve to Cornwall because they know there is distrust of central government but Cornwall will not get a fair crack of the whip until we have politicians elected that promote policies they truly believe in.

Make the difference, stand up for a strong Cornwall and vote MK.

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