Friday, 26 April 2013

My very late and very disappointing reply from the government about Wave Hub

After I had given up all hope that I would receive a reply from those that I emailed about Wave Hub, finally today I received one. It was prefaced with an apology over the length taken to reply. I sent the email on the 17th of February (and re sent it after they told BBC Spotlight they had not received any email) so over two months so I think I could be forgive for expecting some kind of detailed reply, alas no. Save for the first paragraph the word Wave Hub is mentioned once more and Cornwall gets a solitary mention. My concerns raised in my email over the management of the project not addressed at all, instead a lengthy spiel about the government's support for off shore renewables and their strategy. Very depressing therefore that Cornwall and Wave Hub is mentioned but once.

Here's a sample:

The flitting between fonts and text size was in the original, copied and pasted? 
Where these questions in my original email too much to be answered?

So I ask of you, can you provide me (and the people of Cornwall) an update on progress with this project?
Can you provide justification that having the management of Wave Hub centralised in London, is to the benefit of the project and the taxpayer?
Whether the department has considered grants or funding to assist other users getting hooked up to Wavehub?

Is there any justification for the centralisation of the project and it's questionable success? Why won't the government defend their record and answer questions....

In danger of repeating myself for regular readers of my blog, see here for other posts on the subject. But I will say this again attempting to be at the cutting edge of technology requires constant progress not inaction. The reply to my email is very indicative of the lackadaisical approach to Wave Hub and how the government seems unwilling to take the project seriously. The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives claim Cornwall is at the heart of government, by that they presumably they mean doing it dreckly and little else. (with apologies to Hedluv and Passman.)


  1. Because your letter was answered by an official. To get the Minister responsible to reply is quite easy - simply write to your MP asking these questions and he/she is duty bound to write to the Secretary of State responsible enclosing your letter asking for a reply to your specific questions. They normally have to reply within a fortnight to an MP, too ;)

    1. Well I tried that wrote the email to the department and my MP and the MP in the constituency concerned, only reply from any of them was from the department. Funnily enough both were quick to put out press releases soon after but didn't contact me....