Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A personal recommendation of my election campaign from Susan Penhaligon

Susan Penhaligon takes a keen interest in the politics of Cornwall despite her acting career taking her up country to live. Anyway she expressed an interest in my election campaign and said she'd door knock with me if she wasn't so far away. So I asked if she minded writing me a recommendation, here it is.

I spent my formative years in Cornwall and I come from a 
Cornish family I've traced back to the 17th century, my 2nd cousin was the Liberal MP David Penhaligon. I was brought up for a while by my granny in Falmouth. She  was a passionate Cornish woman and she taught me that Cornwall was different and Celtic and special.

I believe that Rob Simmons is passionate about local issues and Cornwall too. You need his voice, his ideas and energy on Cornwall Council and Penzance Town Council.  

In my heart, I cannot understand how a central government in London can understand Cornish issues and what is best for Cornish communities. 

Take one issue alone, I don't believe central government understands how empty, second homes can devastate a community and take housing away from locals who want to stay and work in Cornwall. 
This is a particular Cornish problem because Cornwall is a place of rare beauty and people want to own holiday property.

I believe Rob's voice on the council would be fair to everyone, to those trying to make a living by renting property and those locals who need a home but can't afford to buy one.

You need a Cornish voice to understand the local issues and Rob Simmons is that voice.


ps I'm cancelling my subscription to the Lib Dems today It's not the old Liberal Party that my 2nd cousin David Penhaligon nearly led!


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