Monday, 6 May 2013

Thoughts on the election and thanks again

Sorry I haven't blogged sooner, I've had the cold from hell. Obviously as a consequence as talking to hundreds of people over the last month on the doorstep and around and about, I have picked up some germs. Taken with the stress and the strain of talking to hundreds of people, I was a bit worn out. So today is the first I have woken up without a fever and think a good walk from Mousehole to Lamorna last night in lovely weather, greatly helped me get over it and thanks to my wife for dragging me off the sofa.

As I wrote before thanks to everyone that helped and supported me link here. I'm greatly disappointed that I only achieved 91 votes in the Cornwall Council vote, but I'm not entirely surprised. Labour and the Liberal Democrats threw the kitchen sink at it and both delivered twice as many leaflets as I did. Had all kinds of shadow ministers and MPs canvassing on their behalf. Similarly UKIP had a plane flying over Penzance on the day before the election. They also benefited from 2 letters in the Cornishman on the day of the poll, I didn't think this was allowed under electoral rules, if I'd known I'd have done the same. The Conservatives pulled off a massive coup by having David Cameron splashed across the front page of the Cornishman. So I'm not entirely surprised I got drowned out in the election campaign. In four years time believe you me, Dick Cole will be on the front page of the Cornishman, pictured wing walking on a plane shouting through a loudhailer VOTE ROB SIMMONS, with everyone I know that can write filling up the letters page. I jest of course, but there's a lot of lessons for me there and there's a lot of lessons for Mebyon Kernow. We're never going to have supporters to bus from across the UK, the Cornishman won't put Dick Cole and the fact MK cares about Penzance anywhere near the paper, we won't have thousands of pounds for planes.

In four years time again we will be the only political party that won't have a chance to speak on BBC Spotlight, make no bones about it it's a fact. Whoever's the next rank outsider fancied by political pundits, will be splashed across every broadcast and newspaper, 4 years ago it was the BNP, this time UKIP, perhaps it'll be the Lib Dems in 2017. I'm not resentful, I'm not bitter but if we are to break through in politics it won't be on the back of the media it will be through our own hard work. The next four years we have to consider how we can get our message across, how we can get people talking and thinking about us, how we can achieve that within the constraints of a party not funded by multi-millionaires, corporations and tax dodgers. I look forward to this challenge.

Anyway I digress, whats done is done, hard work and however disappointing it was. I'm not waiting for the dust to settle I'm dusting myself off and looking forward to the next four years on Penzance Town Council. I am absolutely chuffed that 415 people put an x next to my name, I'm so surprised and so pleased that so many have given me this honour and this approval. I'm looking forward to working hard for this town and I hope that I can prove those 415 people right that they made the right decision by voting for me and that I'll do them proud.

Stay tuned folks....


  1. It was a pleasure supporting you. We wish we could have done more. As you say interesting lessons to be learned and we have four years of needing every sensible person we can find to scrutinise Cornwall Council and our councillors. You will learn loads from sitting on Town Council and be able to communicate with us how much they really can and can't do. No matter planning powers (or lack thereof) one of the things I want to see improve is communication. A lot of myth has now become 'fact' because poor communication from Cornwall Council and PTC has left people and the media to make up their own minds. Let's sort this out.

  2. Craig Weatherhill9 May 2013 at 12:56

    Great effort, Rob, and you're right about the media. The UKIP vote only came about because they got daily mass coverage. It's now for the 4 MK Cornwall Councillors to ensure that Dwelly never gets onto either the Planning or Housing Committees. Not with his professional interests. Make no mistake - he's not there for the politics or the service. He's there for the inside knowledge and the profits to be gained from that and an elevated position.


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