Friday, 3 May 2013

Thanks for all the votes and support

However I do today I've really enjoyed getting out and talking to people and getting to know this area better. I've enjoyed the lovely chats and cups of tea and I'm impressed the amount of people that gave me the time of day.

Whatever the result today whether I'm elected to both Cornwall Council and Penzance Town Council or it's a not as good as I hoped and I'm on neither, I'm happy with my campaign, I certainly couldn't have worked harder or gave more. No doubt I've learnt a lot about canvassing and about myself.

Whatever happens today (counts between 12:00 and 15:00) I'm already looking forward to being back on the doorstep in 4 years time and meeting you all again. Thanks if you voted for me, thanks if you chatted with me and thanks if you read my leaflets, blogs and twitter etc.

A special thanks to the huge and surprising amount of people that have wished me luck. All those that have supported me online, shared my blog and you tube video I'm eternall grateful. Of course thanks and apologies to my family and friends whose lives have been dominated over the last few weeks and months by this.

Live updates on the Cornwall Council website here

Once again it's been a pleasure and thank you, see you again round folks. Stay tuned on this blog, this isn't an election gimmick this is a year round thing.