Monday, 30 March 2015

Cornwall loses out on fuel discount in the budget, unlike other areas

In the next budget 17 areas across the UK will benefit from a fuel duty rebate. The justification for this is due to the rural locations of the areas, the lack of public transport and the higher price of fuel. We have to ask ourselves why has Cornwall missed out yet again? Can we afford to be ignored by voting for the apathy and lack of influence of Tory and Lib Dem MPs?

We've seen throughout this government the unwelcome reduction in public transport due to austerity. The fuel duty rebate would have helped make up for how these cuts have affected people's lives and the local economy. It would have provided a welcome boost and a compensation for public transport cuts. 

The more eagle eyed among you may notice a trend in the 17 areas announced, as announced by Danny Alexander MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey link:

"The 17 areas which will benefit from the price cut are:
IV54 (Highland – Scotland)
IV26 (Highland – Scotland)
IV27 (Highland – Scotland)
NE48 (Northumberland – England)
PH41 (Highland – Scotland)
KW12 (Highland – Scotland)
PA80 (Argyll and Bute – Scotland)
PH36 (Highland – Scotland)
IV22 (Highland – Scotland)
PA38 (Argyll and Bute – Scotland)
PH23 (Highland – Scotland)
PH19 (Highland – Scotland)
IV21 (Highland – Scotland)
LA17 (Cumbria – England)
EX35 (Devon – England)
IV14 (Highland – Scotland)
Hawes (North Yorkshire – England)."

Note that not a single part of Cornwall is eligible for the scheme. Despite similar problems of high costs of fuel and rural locations, particularly places like North Cornwall, the Roseland, West Penwith and the Lizard Peninsula. Why?

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