Monday, 24 November 2014

What is the point of the Liberal Democrats?

Reading through the latest batch of Liberal Democrat press releases and perhaps the tired old rhetoric, those weary words but it soon sent me to sleep. I guess that's causality, one thing causes another. I awoke and y'know when you just get up and you feel a bit confused with reality? Well I was in that stage pondering what I'd read. Was it real? Had dreams impinged upon reality?

Thankfully not! Alas it was real, even bleary eyed I can tell the and difference between reality and smoke and mirrors. And I thought what's the point of the Lib Dems?

(Other than to send you to sleep of course!)

Look at the subjects of their statements and they all tug at the heart strings, who in the right mind would want to close libraries? Bulldoze woodland for housing? Spend millions on a police commissioner and lay off front line officers, front desks and run a 101 service to rival pigeon post? Who would want to privatise the NHS and open it up to sale to all kind of speculators like Lockheed Martin? Enforce regional pay and take more money out of Cornish workers pockets?

Which brings me back to the subject of causality, none of these things would be possible without people like yourself, your friends, neighbours and family voting Liberal Democrat. Despite their words they ought to be judged on their record not what they should, could or might've done but what they teamed up with the Tories to do to our communities. Perhaps when you next awake you too might ponder what is the point of voting Lib Dem? Before we all wake up next May to another nightmare coalition, enabled by Clegg's Cornish chums, convince someone to think about the last 5 years of dissapointment and betrayal.

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