Tuesday, 15 October 2013

2150 houses for Penzance in the next 20 years

Following on from my earlier post and ny confusion to the numbers Labour's Tim Dwelly and Cornelieus Olivier wanted. I've had some clarification from Tim.  Also, the total for the Community Network Area was voted on today at committee, so what they wanted and what we'll get is a step closer.

The total for the West Penwith CNA will be 3850 houses over the next 20 years up from 2500 planned previously. The total for the Penzance are will be 2150 up from the 1400 previous figure. The 350 Tim Dwelly had written on his fb page is the difference between what they wanted (2500) for PZ and what they got (2150).

So to work it out in housebuilds a year, as per the Labour fashion, we will get on average 107 houses built. So Tim's figure was how many on top of that an extra 350 would be.

I recognise the need for housing but I do fear these figures are too high. The argument that affordable housing will come with mass house building. Is not one I think proves itself.  Look around Cornwall and places with much higher rates of building than PZ still have the same problem. The problem is developers if and when they keep to agreements, affordable ratios are typically 10% of all builds. I don't think the free market is the solution to the affordable housing crisis, developers want to make money not subdise affordable houses.  So I don't think a higher number will fix this problem, it will help in a small way though.

I don't either recognise the validity of the housing led growth argument.  Historically jobs have been created and new industries opened up and housing has followed. I don't see how the cart will push the horse on this one. 

Then there's infrastructure, losing green fields, need I go on?

I just really wished that authorities put as much time and effort into planning growth,  fostering business and industry as they do for developers. The ultimate choice of how many houses Cornwall, Penwith and Penzance is yet to be decided by Cornwall Council. 


  1. Cornwall councillors won't freely be making the ultimate choice of anything. Not with Eric Pickles and George Osborne peering over their shoulders.

  2. I read that is peeing over their shoulders, same thing I suppose.

    You're absolutely right. Affordable houses only come when one has a job that pays enough to afford them. Until those jobs come, and they pay enough to earn a wage to pay a mortgage, nothing is truly affordable, which makes me bored of hearing the term. Why don't we ever read stories in the paper of afford house success stories?

    I am not against house building or the numbers per se. The future population is expanding, anyone who has kids must understand that. They need to live somewhere, and preferably not with their parents for half their lives. Or, maybe they do?

    Whatever comes out in the wash, if no one encourages better skilled industries and sectors to Cornwall, there will be no jobs worth doing to warrant owning your own house.


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