Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ruth Lewarne believes both in tax rises for toilets and cuts for the most vulnerable

I am utterly perplexed at the actions of the self proclaimed 'left leaning' Liberal Democrat Ruth Lewarne. At Penzance town council she voted with the rest of the town council for the precept to go up. A completely justifiable view a 5% rise to pay for all of the extra things the council now does, she cites public toilets as an example. If you want to raise more tax to pay for more services fine. It's a view I happen to believe in within moderation  I thought as -Mebyon Kernow councillors did- that a 1.97% rise in council tax for Cornwall Council was an acceptable evil to protect frontline service. However Ruth didn't take this view and voted loyally with the rest of Clegg's Cornish compatriots to freeze council tax. As I've written elsewhere on this blog the Lib Dems choose to target Childrens, Schools and Families and Adult Care and Support. I feel ashamed that my part of Penzance is represented by someone that would rather raise taxes in Penzance to pay for public toilets and would go to Cornwall Council to slash jobs of those that provide care for the most vulnerable in society in order to freeze taxes. What would you rather taxes were raised for toilets or jobs for those working for the needy?

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