Monday, 10 December 2012

Needs of the people should be at the forefront of politics

I was struck reading Dick Cole's latest piece (link here) how refreshing it was to see putting the needs of people first, and it depressed me to how political discourse in the UK seldom seems to broach the subject of need or morality. From the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and even from the Labour leadership we hear time and again about 'balancing the books', 'reducing the deficit', 'streamlining' and the like. It is rare to hear politicians talking of need, what people need, what we can do to make people's lives better how we can make a better society for the people. It's lamentable that Westminster seems to be filled with accountants constantly arguing over numbers, balances, debts, deficit. Morality seems a far removed concept from the idealism and energy that built institutions like the NHS. It inspires me to be a member of a party like Mebyon Kernow whose leader draws inspiration not just from the Cornish radical tradition including people like Emily Hobhouse and William Lovett but also the wider tradition like the Beveridge Report.

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  1. Rob - I agree with this wholeheartedly.

    The Tories have been very successful in indoctrinating their ideology.

    It seems that the default question that society has been asking since Margaret Thatcher is "How much will it cost?" rather than "What good will it do?"