Saturday, 1 September 2012

Problem with Serco (NHS) out of hours service in Cornwall today

Bit of a public service announcement, via Pirate FM news. Serco that run the NHS out of hours service are having troubles with their phone lines today (first September). Posted on the Pirate website from a Serco spokeperson.

"A spokesperson said: "Patients can also get medical advice from the NHS Direct service on 0845 4647. For very urgent cases only, patients should consider using emergency services. Please listen for further announcements this evening."

The link to the Pirate story is here and it does include more information, NHS out of hours helpline problems.

If you need to contact Serco for some form of medical problem, please follow the instructions on the Pirate FM site. If you don't, this case is something to ponder, Serco has been in the news for failing in their Cornwall NHS service and this is more problems with it. This is one of the problems of privatisation, whereas a NHS run service could probably find alternative arrangements, a company running a public service obviously having huge problems and putting great strain on the actual NHS in Cornwall.

Also worth noting that this news comes in the same week that the Conservative- Independent run Cornwall Council are looking to farm out more services to companies like Serco. I sincerely hope that this does not happen and that councillors on Cornwall Council will see sense and not risk more of our public services in the hands of companies that have little ability to cope and have a complete focus on making money not providing the best service to the public.

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