Tuesday, 29 May 2012

on the pasty tax climbdown

I am pleased that the government has changed their mind over introducing a tax on warm baked goods. It is really good news for Cornwall. However it's not really a u-turn, firstly because they never actually introduced the 'pasty tax' and secondly because they have amended their plans rather than scrapping them. The revised plans now mean that food kept warm will be subject to VAT whereas freshly baked food that is cooling will not be subject to VAT. I have yet to read what Cornish bakers think to these proposals and how it will effect them, but it most certainly will effect them. They will now be faced with the dilemma whether to keep pasties hot (and sausage rolls etc) or simply let them cool, which granted won't be to much of an issue outside the dinner time rush when most pasties are sold hot but later in the afternoon will change things.

Coming back from the brink is very welcome news but I can't help feel disappointed, that instead of lobbying government to do something positive for Cornwall, Cornish campaigners are constantly on the back foot fighting against proposals and not actually making any headway. Certainly the amount of energy and expertise that has gone into fighting Devonwall, Pasty tax, caravan tax (and who knows what's next?) would be much better spent solving some of the problems we already have. Likewise if Westminster and Whitehall had devoted this energy and resources into doing something positive for Kernow, we'd be in a better place now.

So David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Andrew George, George Eustice, Sarah Newton, Stephen Gilbert, Sheryll Murray and Dan Rogerson thanks for diluting pasty tax but please can Kernow next have some policies that we actually want and need?

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