Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cornwall needs a stadium

Last tuesday a few of us got together and tried to get #Cornwallneedsastadium trending on twitter (explanation here), and we had a massive amount of support, hundreds of people from Cornwall sports fans, music fans, just want a stadium fans, rugby players, football players, journalists, politicians of every persuasion etc. People literally from all walks of life and all ages. I was taken aback by the large amount of support evident on twitter, unfortunately we didn't manage to knock #Eurovision or #MyBigFatFetish off the most talked about topics but we made fifteenth, which is in itself considerable.

I can't remember who took this photo and posted on fb, but thanks

We are trying again this evening from nine pm, please if you have a twitter account join us. Despite Alec Robertson's decision to not part fund the stadium, we need to persuade him to change his mind. I believe the people of Cornwall have every right to have say in how the capital budget is spent, and if we want £10 million of the £675 million capital budget for the next four years, spent on a stadium then we should articulate these views. If you are not on twitter (and don't want to join for this) or even if you are please sign the stadium for Cornwall petition here and sign the new petition created by Conan Jenkin on the council website here. Obviously individuals are free to tweet what they like with the hashtag #Cornwallneedsastadium but it is a good idea to include the petition links and positive arguments for the stadium as well. See you at nine @cernyw

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