Friday, 25 November 2011

A great end to November for Mebyon Kernow & Loveday Jenkin

Mebyon Kernow councillor Dr. Loveday Jenkin

Barely a month ago I wrote about the defection of Derek Collin's from the Lib Dems to MK and how this was a great end to October for Mebyon Kernow. I was optimistically writing that this should set the tone for November and I hoped we could look forward to a successful month both at the party conference and in the Wendron by election. After a lot of hard work and dedication by our growing number of party activists it was successful and I am holding firmly on to my optimistic frame of mind from now on.

Firstly congratulations to Cornwall Councillor Loveday Jenkin she fought a really hard campaign. Loveday successfully built upon her hard work and long service both on Crowan parish council and -the now lamentably defunct- Kerrier district council to win the election. The dedication shown by Loveday and the reputation she built over the years as a hard working councillor was a great part of her electoral victory. It was great to see the party really coming together to help her in her campaign and I for one enjoyed my time with others knocking doors in Praze-an-Beeble,Wendron itself, Trenear, Crowntown, Nancegollan, Porkellis, Trewannack and lots of other places. We all worked really hard and no farm lane, muddy track, or isolated home was out of bounds for the campaign team we went the extra mile and in some cases extra miles. This is the attitude of Mebyon Kernow no amount of work is too much for the people of Cornwall.

One of the great things I learnt campaigning with Loveday was that she is an extremely positive person, nowhere in her leaflets did it decry the other parties, we did not focus on dumbing down the other candidates. We certainly could have picked holes in other parties and their record in governance, we could have told everyone that Loveday was the only candidate that lived in the Wendron division. We could have printed bar graphs or pie charts showing how we were the only alternative, it's us or them etc. But we did not do these things, we are a principled party we know what we believe in, we know what we want to fight for. We don't want people to vote for us to keep another party out or because they think we're less worse than another party, we want people to vote MK because they like our policies and they like our candidates, because they want Mebyon Kernow representation. Besides which we have far too many policies of our own to waste time concentrating on the opposition.

People on the doorstep responded really well to Loveday Jenkin as a candidate and to Mebyon Kernow as a party. We offer clear policy alternatives, I think our record on local councils and on Cornwall Council itself speaks for itself and people recognise this. I am very proud to be a member of positive forward looking party, there is a great future in MK, it will take lots of hard work and dedication but it will be worth it. As councillor Dick Cole said at the party conference: "No one joins MK for an easy life...we aren't guaranteed influence, we aren't guaranteed any prestige, we join MK, people like you and I because we are passionate about Cornwall and we're passionate about doing what's right for Cornwall." (see that speech on youtube here.) So if anyone fancies the challenge of hard work and dedication, email myself and I will get you sent out an application form to join the party, or if you want more information let me know. Thanks for reading and I am off to optimistically look forward to December and the New Year...


  1. Thats fantasic news and massive congratulations to Councillor Loveday Jenkin.
    Another step forward for MK, keep up the great work

  2. Thanks for the comment, we'll all try to keep up the good work.