Thursday, 20 October 2011

Save West Cornwall Hospital

Penwith District Council gone,
Revenue and Customs office gone,
Rescue tug gone,
Tourist Information Center gone,
About a dozen shops gone,
Public toilets about to go,

Enough is enough surely. What have the people of Penzance done to prompt this governmental abandonment? What underpins this strategy of removing so many of our public services and jobs? Who has Penzance annoyed in the corridors of power in Truro and London?

And now the powers that be, want to take wards away from West Cornwall Hospital to Treliske. Further downgrading the hospital and making its continued existence less likely. No offence Truro but we like our hospital, we need our hospital. This is a vital service to Penzance and the whole of Penwith, we need to keep it. So if you can, please do join the Save West Cornwall Hospital match in Penzance this Saturday. It starts at the bottom of Causewayhead at 11 am. For more info see the excellent Penwith anti-cuts blog, who are organising the march.

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