Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Penzance parking an update

Following on from my last blog about PZ parking link here, there have been some recent developments across Cornwall. Firstly is was revealed by the BBC's Graham Smith that Tregantle car park in Torpoint has seen a sharp fall in parking revenues after recent fee hikes by Cornwall Council see Graham's blog here. Also in Liskeard local groups and councillors are recommending a £2 all day charge in one car park and £1 for two hours nearer the town centre; see the article on This is Cornwall here.

Here too in Penzance there has been action, I am loathe to support the Liberal Democrats in this, I still haven't forgiven them for the imposition of unitary and the abolishing of district councils nor forgiven them for Devonwall but this is for the good of Penzance. The PZ Lib Dems have set up a Facebook group calling for Fairer Parking Charges for Penzance and an online petition too link here. I still reserve my criticisms that these proposals do not go far enough, but still do support them and show the Conservative- Independent coalition on Cornwall Council that Penzance has had enough of this.


  1. Liskeard did not suggest it, I did and at first they resisted it. It has been an interesting time visiting these areas.

    A deal was even struck with Pz amongst other areas. Details off all the deals will be out in early sept before the Parking Panel meets

  2. Firstly thanks for the comment.

    So talk me through this Andrew, deals have been made with town councils and local Cornwall councillors, then they are taken to the parking panel and decided there or voted for in full council?