Thursday, 13 January 2011

Devonwall: Let's keep up the pressure.

The campaign to Keep Cornwall Whole has been quiet of late.  The lack of meaningful debate about Devonwall and the significance of the Tamar border during the Commons vote was a snub to campaigners and many people in Cornwall and Devon. The defeat of the amendment also hit hard, no doubt many Conservative and Liberal Democrat party members and voters started to question the utility of having MPs at the 'heart of government' when the Coaliton MPs found themselves so at odds with their own parties policies.

There was however a meeting between Andrew George and Mark Harper (Parliamentary under secretary for Constitutional and Political Reform) about Devonwall as reported on the This is Cornwall website, Harper is pictured below.
As with previous conversations with Cameron and Clegg, the government representative duly smiled, nodded, listened and then proclaimed their previously held positon that Devonwall is no problem to them. Whether it's Cameron, Clegg or Harper they do not see the big deal about Keep Cornwall Whole, for them the Tamar is just a river that holds no significance. The significance of brushing aside a thousand years of Cornish history with a stroke of the pen is lost on them.

The challenge facing people who want to Keep Cornwall Whole is to pile on the pressure to these people, to make them understand. There is a need to escalate the lobbying of representatives, after all we elect these people, they shouldn't tell us what we want, this is a democracy what we want should be paramount. Perhaps some of these people need reminding that we can vote for them and we can choose not to. If the only part of democracy they recognise is elections, then we should remind them at the ballot boxes and refuse to vote for their parties.

To help please write to your representatives, (MPs and councillors) e-mail them via this website: They Work for You
Send a message to the Prime Minister to via the Number Ten site.
Visit the website of the campaign and their email address is
Join the facebook page: Keep Cornwall Whole on Facebook
As well it is on 'Causes' on Facebook: Stop the Cornish Border Changes
Follow the campaign on twitter:
And generally spread the word.

If you are new to my blog, most of my blogs have been about this subject and I argue against Devonwall on a number of levels and I haven't repeated the arguments I have already made but here's some of them:

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  1. It's clear they don't want to concede the principle - however wrong that might be - so I was wondering he an economic/practical argument would work?
    I understand the issue is there under the 5% constituency variation rule & not at 10%. . .
    I also understand there's massive underregistration in Cornwall as well as steady growth year on year. Isn't there a significant risk of adding part of Devon only to have to remove it again at next census?

  2. Well issues have been raised about underregistration and as you have suggested we may well face a Devonwall constituency one election no Devonwall the next and constant fluctuation.

    You elude to the fact that the 5% tolerance might be extended to 10% and it is an interesting argument. As put forward by Lewis Baston
    I do however believe that in Cornwall we should be making a different arguement arguing for a special case for Cornwall. As well as supporting other arguments that contend that constituencies should -where possible- not cross administrative and political borders.
    Thanks for the comment.