Monday, 1 November 2010

Keep Cornwall Whole amendment defeated

Not long ago the amendment proposed by Andrew George and carrying the name of all of the Cornish MPs was defeated by a government majority of 58. Now it is not clear who voted which way at this stage, but it seems very much like those that voted for the Keep Cornwall Whole amendment were from the opposition benches, bar say a dozen Conservative and Liberal Democrats.

Really thats by the by as we have moved one step closer to losing our historic territorial integrity.

I don't really know what to say at this stage but I would suggest something like this would be nice:

" give local people far more control over how their local area is run..."

So we could have Cornwall being:

"... heard at the heart of the Shadow Cabinet and the heart of the Conservative party..."

To try to avoid a situation where Cornwall is:

"... almost completely ignored by the government..."

These words of course come from the now Prime Minister, spoken upon the announcement of a Shadow Minister for Cornwall and meant to be an attack on the Labour Party. Now whats that saying about stones and glass houses?


  1. Join the long long list of things that were at the heart of the Conservative's thinking when they were in opposition and wanted to win some seats (which they did neatly in Cornwall), and have since been ditched because they would cost money, not be worth it, take up parliamentary time, or any one of a few dozen other excuses.

    Dave wasn't a PR man for nothing, in his only other job.

    Join too, the long list of principles that the Liberals ditched so that they could get their hands on some ministerial cars, red boxes and a bit of self importance.

    Kernow bys vickan.

  2. Thanks for the comment tris, you're right this does'nt bode well for the Liberal Democrats either. Take for example the joint Cornish Liberal Democrat Programme for Cornwall
    Items such as devolution would seem either impossible in the face of Devonwall or impossible to gain support if something as simple as respect for the Cornish border is not supported even by the Lib Dem party.

  3. Thanks for that link Rob... most interesting. As Munguin pointed out, I wonder if the idea is to have constituencies where MK would not fare too well.... or if they did, they would be dealing with Devon folk too.

    It's like the SNP standing in a constituency that includes Newcastle. Madness!

  4. The inclusion of Devon in Cornish constituencies would undermine Mebyon Kernow. I sincerely hope that MK will now consider standing in the next General Election in any Devonwall seat and campaign outside Cornwall. Perhaps a little churlshly I believe that if the Cornish border is now politically traversable, then why not stand in Devon and Plymouth elections.

  5. It would be very interesting if there were a substantial MR vote in Devon...

    I know that many people along our border with England would much prefer to live in Scotland, where Edinburgh is only 80 or so miles away. There may be many Devon residents who would prefer to live in a separate Cornwall with government far closer to them and their needs than London is.