Tuesday, 17 January 2012

high time austerity applied to the ruling classes

I am absolutely appalled to read of plans, of government ministers planning to buy the Queen a yacht. These millionaires probably don't realise in their fancy houses and fancy cars that things have changed over the last few years. Here in the real world, wages are stagnating, companies going bankrupt, prices rising, unemployment rising. So it's so disappointing to read that the Queen's cousin and Prime Minister David Cameron  and the Duke of Cornwall support lavishing yet more tax payers money onto the monarch.
We're all in this together, well I mean they not we obviously, scoff scoff.

These people are millionaires, they don't want for anything, choices of homes and castles to live in paid for by the taxpayer and God knows what other extravagances and they barely need to spend their own money to sustain this gluttonous lifestyle. Meanwhile the government is trying to railroad through the Lords plans to cut the disability living allowance. So people who have a hard time in life who struggle will have a harder time and struggle more whilst the richest and the most powerful dip into the treasury as and when they see fit to make their lives easier and more luxurious. It absolutely beggars belief and this story alone demonstrates that British politics is broken.

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