Sunday, 23 February 2014

An open letter to the PM, on the help we need for our rail line and Jubilee Pool

Dear Prime Minister, 

I am writing to highlight the damage done by the recent storms in West Cornwall. I urge your government to do more to help and prove that we are Open For Business.
As well as the significant damage at Dawlish, there has also been damage to the Penzance - St Erth part of the train line resulting in a temporary closure. There has been no compensation offered to travellers and no sign that government is aware of the problem nor signs it is working to increase future resilience.

Penzance’s iconic Jubilee Pool, has also suffered damage from the storms. Unfortunately there are fears that this will not be reopened in the summer season. Having such a prominent seafront feature closed will no doubt be detrimental to both the life of the town and tourism.

If government will indeed ‘pick up the tab’ can the government:
  •          Include West Cornwall in this?
  •        Keep our train line secure from flooding?
  •         Fast track money promised to repair things     like the Jubilee Pool?
Yours faithfully

Councillor Robert Simmons

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