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A breath of fresh air at Penzance Town Council

The election has certainly rung a great many changes at Penzance Town Council. There are now 12 brand new councillors (although Simon Reed has been on the council before). Between retirements and not getting re-elected not a single mayor that served between 2013-2017 is now on the council and only 1 that served as deputy mayor in that time are still on the council. A number of former mayors, deputy mayors and chairs and vice chairs of committees are also no longer with the council. Or to put it another way many of the active town councillors that formed the approach and policies of the town council in the past are no longer there pulling the strings.

When I was first elected back in 2013 there was a feeling that (long overdue) change had been brought to the council, that those new people elected had brought change. That was the feeling with 8 new councillors elected and 12 of the existing councillors being re-elected. This time around there are 12 new councillors and only 8 from before the election, so massive change. I'm really looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of the next 4 years, I'm delighted with the news.

A few strange facts for those that are interested. I'm no longer the youngest town councillor and now that honour goes to somebody that's actually young; 20 year old Will Ellliott (Conservative, Central Ward). There now no longer any Cornwall Councillors on the town council, certainly the first time this has happened since 2009, maybe before? I was the only person in Penzance East to stand for election in both 2013 and 2017 and I am the longest serving Councillor in this ward. The second longest serving is Steve Cordel (Labour) elected in a by election last year. Only 4 councillors that were new in 2013 are now on the council myself, Nigel Pengelly (Future for Penzance, Promenade), Dick Cliffe (Independent, Central) and Nigel Davis (Independent, Newlyn and Mousehole). Only 3 town councillors remain from before 2013 and all have been town mayors before: Jack Dixon (Lib Dem, Heamoor), Roy Mann (Independent, Gulval) and Dennis Axford (Independent, Newlyn and Mousehole).

Although I don't think there's probably ever been so much change on the town council and that's a good thing for the town. I will finish by expressing my admiration for those councillors that have served this town in the past. Friend and foe (and both) alike, I've seen a lot of the time, effort and energy put into this town and they should be thanked for volunteering their time and standing up for what they believe in.

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