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Solar Farms: why the government should be investing not reducing the feed in tarriff

Recently the coalition government has cut the favourable feed in tariffs for planned solar energy farms, this has had a great effect on Cornwall where many were planned. Cornwall Council (on the 16/5/2011) has written to the government in response to this act. I wholeheartedly agree with the council on this issue, the government should be investing in developing renewable energy and here's some of my reasons why.

Cornwall is land well known for innovation in the sciences and technology, Humphry Davy, Dick Trevithick, John Couch Adams, Henry Trengrouse to name but a few. It is something of great pride to Cornish people that we are vastly overrepresented in terms of our contributions to knowledge in comparison to our size. In this vein, it was with great pride and wonder as a boy to see on the television news of the construction of the UK's first wind farms at Delabole in 1991. It was exciting that something new was being tried, that envelopes were being pushed and new opportuni…

I want to sack my MP, forgotten promises and David Laws

It was announced today that David Laws has been let off  very lightly after acting in a way that could be argued is fraudulent. The rights and wrongs of Law's actions aside it raises an interesting point about MP's and how their conduct is governed. It seems to be up to Westminster how to deal with wayward Members of Parliament the public have no recourse to decide the fate in such cases. In effect politicians police themselves.

After the expenses scandal both Nick Clegg and David Cameron were quick to recognise that the public were justly angry at MP's dipping into taxpayers pockets for all sorts of things from biscuits to duck ponds to rocking chairs. They both came up with the same solution and that was to give the public the right to hold their representatives to account, sack your MP the Conservative manifesto boasts and the Liberal Democrat leader offered You will have the right to sack your MP if they are proved corrupt. Now we hear endlessly from both leaders that…