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Survey results: Why is Penzance town centre coming last on superfast broadband?

Below is the results of my survey on superfast broadband in Penzance town center. You can see my earlier posts on the subject here and in the Cornishman here. I provide a quick overlook at the results of the survey and some information from them. It is abundantly clear that organisations in the town centre feel a great deal of disappointment with the speed of superfast roll out. Again and again frustration is felt by businesses who have enquired of BT and Superfast Cornwall when Superfast broadband i.e. fibre to the premises (FTTP) will be available, with various deadlines given that have all come and gone. It was widely anticipated that FTTP would have been available a couple of years ago, nearer the start of the project in 2010 then the end of the project 2015. Despite the fact that Penzance's streets have been dug up and fibre cabling installed it is not yet available and the town centre is part of the 15% of the area not yet elgible for FTTP. Needless to say various organisat…

Superfast Broadband in Penzance town centre

Just a quick post, I'm still away visiting in laws, don't fret normal wordy and lengthy posts will return soon!The big news is of course that the story has been run by the Cornishman. With some good arguments (see that here) hopefully the powers that be I.e. BT, Superfast Cornwall and Cornwall Council will start to take note and we might see the much trumpeted next gen technology in Penzance town centre some time soon. A couple of things to point out, I've had a number of replies from town centre organisations via email, Facebook message and on the Google docs form. These need to be collated when I get back and I'm hoping to get some more responses to gain a better understanding of how the Internet (and crucially it's speed) plays a part in the town's commerce. But there are key themes,  notably a sense of frustration with BT/ Superfast Cornwall about the roll out of fibre to the premises and the ever delayed dates of when superfast broadband will be available.…