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Cornwall needs a stadium

Last tuesday a few of us got together and tried to get #Cornwallneedsastadium trending on twitter (explanation here), and we had a massive amount of support, hundreds of people from Cornwall sports fans, music fans, just want a stadium fans, rugby players, football players, journalists, politicians of every persuasion etc. People literally from all walks of life and all ages. I was taken aback by the large amount of support evident on twitter, unfortunately we didn't manage to knock #Eurovision or #MyBigFatFetish off the most talked about topics but we made fifteenth, which is in itself considerable.

We are trying again this evening from nine pm, please if you have a twitter account join us. Despite Alec Robertson's decision to not part fund the stadium, we need to persuade him to change his mind. I believe the people of Cornwall have every right to have say in how the capital budget is spent, and if we want £10 million of the £675 million capital budget for the next four year…

on the pasty tax climbdown

I am pleased that the government has changed their mind over introducing a tax on warm baked goods. It is really good news for Cornwall. However it's not really a u-turn, firstly because they never actually introduced the 'pasty tax' and secondly because they have amended their plans rather than scrapping them. The revised plans now mean that food kept warm will be subject to VAT whereas freshly baked food that is cooling will not be subject to VAT. I have yet to read what Cornish bakers think to these proposals and how it will effect them, but it most certainly will effect them. They will now be faced with the dilemma whether to keep pasties hot (and sausage rolls etc) or simply let them cool, which granted won't be to much of an issue outside the dinner time rush when most pasties are sold hot but later in the afternoon will change things.

Coming back from the brink is very welcome news but I can't help feel disappointed, that instead of lobbying government to do…

we should grab the Stadium for Cornwall opportunity with both hands

As a Pirates fan I watch with growing incredulity the progress of the Stadium for Cornwall planning process. At stake is the future of sport in Cornwall and in particular the ambitious clubs of Truro City football club and the Cornish Pirates rugby club. Both have seen a phenomenal rise through the leagues from small amateur clubs to fully professional sporting teams, bringing quality sport to Cornwall and providing opportunities here in Cornwall for our young talent to ply their trade. A Stadium for Cornwall would provide an excellent opportunity for this progress to continue, providing not only further trade and hospitality for Truro and Threemilestone but also cultivating pride in Cornwall and proving we can compete in the highest realms of sport. I think Sportva Kernow -to give it it's Cornish game- is a great idea, Cornwall unfortunately is very unique, even backward, in not having modern sporting facilities, whilst most English counties have numerous stadiums we have none, I…