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A Minister for Cornwall and the politics of empty promises

In my previous blog post I copied the letter that I had received from the Prime Minister about whether Kernow was due to receive a dedicated  Minister for Cornwall as was promised before the election. The This is Cornwall site picked up on my blog post and rehashed it into an article and was further rehashed by the Falmouth People website. It was very nice to see that somebody had been reading my blog, but I couldn’t help thinking that the articles did not move the debate on further. So I asked myself what I would do if I was a journalist...

I came to the conclusion that I would seek more clarification from the Prime Minister about the issue, as I did not feel the issue resolved in my previous letter from David Cameron’s office. So below, is my reply to the PM asking categorically if Cornwall will receive a dedicated Minister and outlining some of the reasons why I think Cornwall deserves more political attention from the ever distant political process. I plan to publish any replies th…

A Minister for Cornwall? my letter from the Prime Minister

I received a letter from the Prime Minister to a question I was supposed to pose at the PM Direct event in Newquay recently. As circumstances would have it I did not attend but did nonetheless receive a reply from the Prime Minister (well from his office the facsimile signature was very unconvincing as we all know the Prime Minister is on holiday in our Duchy as I write this). My question to David Cameron was about the supposed appointment of a Minister for Cornwall, for those of you that don’t know the announcement of a Shadow Minister for Cornwall was announced via you tube on the 24th July 2007.

Now seeing as the Tories were in government, many in Cornwall has assumed that this Shadow Minister would become a full Minister for Cornwall. This was the subject of the question that I wished to ask David Cameron and the subject of his offices letter to me. Which you can see for yourself below:

Although it doesn’t explicitly rule out a Minister with responsibilities for Cornwall, I take …