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The UK enters recession but Cornwall's pain is yet to come

On the day that the UK enters into recession and the double dip recession has arrived it is worth noting how the government's latest budget will really harm Cornwall. I already touched upon the fact that the budget holds no good news for Cornwall, unlike other areas we will not see any additional infrastructure here. Instead we have just bad news upon bad news.

On this blog I have wrote a lot about pasty tax, on This is Cornwall this week they have revealed research by Francis Clark Accountants that the tax will cost Cornwall an estimated 30 million pounds and risk 400 jobs. This is a problem not just for bakers but also for our farmers who produce the top quality ingredients in our favourite dish.  Of course the other great loser in this is you and I, the ordinary people of Cornwall and tourists who will pay more for pasties. Good news for the treasury and their coffers, awful news for one and all in Cornwall.

Then there's the caravan tax. The government is also planing on ap…

Cornwall Council waste fiasco

Stephen Rushworth (Con) posted this clever ditty on twitter. Sure it'll amuse you as you struggle with the piles of rubbish and recycling that the council's inept organisation has left you to deal with. At least someone finds it funny I suppose.  Interestingly it seems to blame the previous cabinet for waste Julian German (Independent ) rather than the current one Steve Double (Conservative). Yet again the blame game and party politics  trumps responsibility and getting stuff done.

Fat cat CEO salaries and the Conservatives failing to deliver

Here in Cornwall the hot political topic is waste and recycling, with the new contractor now taking over people are confused (maybe just me) about what's going on. We were promised new recycling bags (and the affront of now paying for garden waste) and most haven't turned up there is confusion on the streets as people are reporting waste and recycling having not been collected. There is here a real failure to deliver, but in this we are not alone.

Lots of places up the country are at the moment gearing up for local elections. Thanks to Craig Weatherhill who spotted the Conservative election broadcast which features yet another Conservative failure to deliver. Eric Pickles bemoans the large salaries of CEOs of councils "Manchester Council: 200,010. Newham Council: 188,022. Newcastle Council 173,784." With the usual waste of taxpayers money rhetoric yet why have they done nothing about the Tory led Cornwall Council paying Kevin Lavery who earns more than all these exam…

The budget and how Westminster politics fails Cornwall

I have been eagerly awaiting some good news for Cornwall to emerge from Osborne's budget but alas nothing but misery for us. The headlines from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat plan are a tax break for the richest in society, firstly the so called '50p tax rate' has been lowered so those earning over £150,000 will pay less tax and corporation tax has been lowered 2%. In effect this means billions will be lost in revenue to the Treasury from some of the richest in society not just millionaires but huge companies. Certainly the 2% tax cut for corporations is great news for the likes of Tesco and Morrison's, saving them an astronomical amount of money. The rise in the personal allowance must be welcomed and is the only good thing from the budget, but I doubt the extra £630 will negate the regressive VAT rate of 20%. Cutting the VAT rate back to 17.5% or even lower would have been a much fairer tax cut putting money back into the pockets of not only corporations and m…