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Reply from Dan Rogerson

Further to my last post on the 30th August and my letter sent to the PM, DPM and Cornwall's six MPs I have received one reply from Dan Rogerson. Below it is copied and pasted to let the MP for North Cornwall to speak for himself as it were:

Dear Mr Simmons,

Thank you for the copy of your email to the Prime Minister. I am continuing to press for greater devolution to Cornwall. I have to say that I do not believe a Minister for Cornwall will help achieve this.

Best wishes

Dan Rogerson

Dan Rogerson MP

Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North Cornwall

ES Livrel Weriniethor a-barth Kernow Gledh

House of Commons

London, SW1A 0AA

Chi an Gemmynyon

Loundres, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 4707

Fax: 020 7219 1018

Constituency Office

4, Tower Street, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8BQ

4 Stret Tour, Lannstefan, Kernow PL15 8BQ

Tel: 01566 777123

Fax: 01566 772122

Many thanks to Dan Rogerson for the first elected official to grace me with a reply. To those of us that follow Cornish politics keenly his views come as no surprise and we find on his website his arguments against a Minister for Cornwall. He argues that it deflects from the greater aim of Cornish devolution and is little more than lip service by the Tories, link. Obviously this was before the coalition so the disparaging comments about the Conservatives by himself and his colleague Stephen Gilbert would perhaps be revised now.

I do believe that a Minister for Cornwall is an important step to fixing Cornish politics and getting our voice heard at distant Westminster, but my aim in this blog was to record the replies of politicians and try to find an answer to the question: "When will we get out promised Minister for Cornwall"? As this has not been answered yet I will wait to blog more comprehensively on the subject when some kind of new information is forthcoming.

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